Math tasks

Дочке в школе задают задачи на проценты. По-моему, весьма неплохо.

  • Tim earns £210 per week and received a rise of 4%. What is his new weekly wage?
  • In a sale a store give a reduction of 20% off the ticket price. A winter coat is marked £99. How much must I pay for it?
  • Enid May earned £18500 last year. No tax was due on the first £3900 of her income but she had pay tax at 20% on the next £3750 and 23% on the remainder. How much income tax did she pay altogether?
  • A shopkeeper buys 80 articles for £200 and sells them for £3.50 each. Find his percentage profit.
  • Engine modification were made for a particular model of car. As a result the number of kilometres in travels on one litre of petrol increased by 8%. If the new petrol consumption is 16.2 km/litre what was previous value?
  • At the end of 1996 the number of a rare species of animal in North America was 6000. It is predicted that their numbers will reduce by 14% each year.
    a) How many will be left at the end of 1999?
    b) By the end of which year will the number first be less than 3000?
  • A house is bought for £68000 and sold at a profit of 14%. Find the selling price.
  • Carpets that had been bought for £18.50 per square metre were sold at a loss of 26%. Find the selling price per square metre.
  • Potatoes bought at £4.50 per 50 kg bag are sold at 12p per kg. Find the percentage profit.
  • An art dealer sold a picture for £1980 thereby making a profit of 65%. What did she pay for it?
  • My present average weekly grocery bill is £40.50, which is 8% more than the same goods cost me, on average, each week last year. What was my average weekly grocery bill last year.
  • What is Fred Procter’s gross weekly wage if, after paying deductions of 35%, he is left with £111.80?
  • Between two elections the size of the electorate in a constituency fell by 16%. For the second elections, 37191 people were entitled to vote. How many could have voted at the first election?
  • When the rate of VAT is 17.5% a compact disc costs £7.05.
    What will it cost if the rate of VAT is
    a) increased to 20%?
    b) decreased to 15%?
  • If Terry begins his journey after 9 a.m. he is allowed a discount of 30% of the cost of his rail ticket. He pays £22.75 for a ticket to London, leaving on the 9.15 a.m.
    a) Express the discounted price as a percentage of the full price.
    b) Calculate the cost of the ticket before deducting the discount.
  • A camera bought for £300 loses 40% of its value in the first year.
    a) What is it worth when it is one year old?
    b) Express its value after one year as a percentage of the amount by which it has depreciated.
  • Andrew Bullen received £955 pay last month. This sum was mad up of a fixed basic wage of £245 plus commission at 2% on the value of the goods he had sold in the preceding month. Find the value of sales Andrew made last month.
  • In a sale at a department store a tea set is sold at a discount of 15%. The sale price is £59.49. Find
    a) the pre-sale price
    b) the discount.
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